because coffee is the most important meal of the day
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Super  Automatics

Superautomatics are bean-to-cup machines that prepare a cup of coffee by simply pushing a button. Once the desired drink is selected, the machine automatically doses and grinds the coffee, doses the milk, extracts the coffee, delivers the beverage in the cup and expels the spent dry coffee-grounds. Superautomatic machines differ in features and productivity


Coffee grinder-dosers are used to grind coffee beans and to dose the coffee into the porta filter


Traditional machines are used to prepare espresso coffee starting from ground roasted coffee beans and differ in features and size

»    Faema Emblema
»    Faema E 61 Legend
»    Faema E 61 Jubilee
»    Faema Enova
»    Faema Enova 1 group w/Auto         Steam
»    Casadio 1 group
»    Casadio 2 group
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